The TabletEXGear tablet holder is a bag worn in front of the chest specifically for working with tablets, controllers, and devices in the field. TabletEXGear offers professional, lightweight and durable equipment bags and accessories for professionals and professionals the outdoor sector and for search and rescue teams. TabletEXGear saves professionals time and optimizes their workflow. The TabletEXGear chest harnesses can thus be easily adapted to the needs of professionals and professionals in a variety of industries by adding accessories.


Everything is in its place and quickly accessible. There’s no need to search for a place to put devices or find them again when they’ve been put away. It’s only a few seconds each time, but over the course of the day it adds up to a larger time savings.

Workflows can be optimized, because your hands are quickly free to tackle the required work. This results in shorter walking distances and more optimal workflows for paperwork as well.

And because your hands are free and you don’t have to think about your equipment, your risk of accidents is reduced. Full concentration on what you are doing and not another occupied hand for protecting the equipment carried.

Quickly you put the device out of your hand if it is in the way and just as quickly it is forgotten or even stolen. With Tablet-EX-Gear you are sure that your device is always messed up at a defined place. The risk of loss is significantly minimized.

And ultimately, Tablet-EX-Gear ensures that there are fewer defective devices in your company. Devices that fall to the floor because they slip out of your hand or are forgotten on the roof of your car become less frequent. Work stoppages and costs are thus avoided.


TabletEXGear is a customizable backpack or chest pocket system that allows you to carry work equipment in front of your chest for quick access at any time. TabletEXGear is a system and can be adapted with task-specific additional elements to your desired use. This applies not only to the function of the additional elements, but also to their positioning on the carrier system.

Thus, by adding accessories, TabletEXGear chest packs can be easily customized to meet the needs of professionals in a wide range of industries. 

TabletEXGear packs are designed to provide comfortable and ergonomic support for users of tablet computers in the field. The tablet is conveniently stored in the zippered pocket close to the body. It is securely fastened to the backpack with a quick release fastener attached to the back of the tablet with self-adhesive Velcro.

The tablet computer is stored and transported in the closed zippered pocket. Open the pocket, fold down the front of the backpack to hold the tablet in portrait or landscape orientation. All three sizes of the chest pocket are connected to the comfortable Comox strap. All components are black. However, the front cover of the chest pocket can be removed and replaced with a highly visible orange cover.

In addition, front covers with pockets can be purchased. Additional pouches and holsters can be attached to this MOLLE compatible harness. The Comox harness is designed to be comfortable for a full workday. It is made of mesh with closed-cell foam strips that provide good air circulation. In addition, the harness is designed to be worn comfortably under a backpack.

It doesn’t make sense for everyone, but for some, it’s just the right tool:

  • Search and Rescue
  • Police, military, fire, and ambulance
  • Forestry or mining
  • Technical inspection or surveying
  • Construction or agriculture
  • Logistics, storage, transport, or assembly
  • Energy industry
  • Drone pilots
  • Sportsmen (fishermen etc.)


The Tablet-EX-Gear Tablet Mount is a chest-mounted case designed specifically for working with tablets in the field. It allows hands-free working and maximum freedom of movement while keeping the tablet and other work equipment within quick reach.

By attaching it in front of the body, the posture is ergonomic and you always maintain a good overall view. Frequent putting on and taking off of a backpack is no longer necessary and yet the possibility to additionally carry a backpack remains. The harness is ideally suited for mapping, surveying and other collection tasks where you need a lot of equipment and free hands at the same time.

Extensive and sensibly divided storage space for equipment make this carrying system an indispensable companion in working life. Work materials are always within easy reach without restricting movement. A hinged main compartment has an adjustable holder and is especially optimized for the use of tablets. Due to the high stability provided by an aluminum frame, it can be used just as well as a desk pad or tray.
The Tablet-EX-Gear tablet holder is mounted as quickly as a normal backpack and can be adjusted individually by means of several straps. For the sturdy material, even operations in rough terrain are no problem and a sophisticated mounting system secures the equipment extremely reliable. Tablets are protected from falling out by means of Velcro and magnetic fasteners and can still be immediately decoupled from the system. The angle of the main compartment is infinitely adjustable.


Do the math. How long do you need before a Tablet Ex Gear pays off for your employees? If you take just finding the best place to work, putting the devices out of their hands, or searching for them, that quickly adds up to 15 minutes per workday. Tablet-EX-Gear offers you the potential to save exactly this and some other idle time and lost time. So, conservatively calculated, a lot more than one hour per week. Do the math now. Tablet-EX-Gear will pay for itself in a few weeks and increase the efficiency of your business.


Convenience, long life and versatility for location-independent professionals and professionals who use mobile computers in the field. What to look for specifically…

Body-hugging and tight fit

The harness should fit close to the body without being distracting. Chest pockets worn too loosely can be distracting or even a safety hazard. An adjustable system allows the harness to be adapted to the individual body shape. Optimum freedom of movement must be ensured. If the harness is constricting, the optimal workflow is also impaired.

Equipment and accessories must be within easy reach

The harness can be individually adjusted. If a piece of equipment is not within reach, the harness should offer the possibility of arranging the accessories accordingly until they fit just right. It is optimal if the harness can be adjusted to fit any desired job such as Tablet-EX-Gear.

Fixation of material and equipment must be stable and secure

Notebook, radio, cell phone, flashlight, water bottle, ballpoint pen, etc. – if you do your job outdoors, you have a lot of equipment with you. These must be able to be fastened optimally and must also be securely fastened there. Make sure they are made of high-quality, durable and hard-wearing materials. Also watch out for loose straps, which cannot be stowed away and thus increase the risk of getting caught.

High breathability and light weight

Make sure that there is no temperature build-up under the harness and that the materials are air-permeable or mesh-like so that they are comfortable to wear even in hot temperatures. And with all these functions and requirements it is to be made certain that the weight of the Harness is as light as possible, because the carried along devices because of already enough. In addition, despite the light weight, you should make sure that plastic connectors are made of the right materials and in sufficiently large dimensions. Nothing is more troublesome than connectors that are hooky or that no longer do their job because they are undersized.


Improved safety

Keep your hands free when navigating difficult terrain! Hands free increases your safety and better protects your computer

Superior ergonomics

Fold the backpack down and slide the tablet away from your body to place it in the optimal position for viewing and data entry.

TABLET-EX-GEAR – Harnesses for laptops, tablets and drone controllers

Increased productivity

Keep your tablet and other field equipment within reach and use both hands for data entry. Better handling saves you time and money.

Super comfortable

This is almost always what we hear from our customers. The mesh harness is well ventilated and highly adjustable. Comfortable even when worn under a backpack!