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Follow us on our channels and get regular updates about our products and activities.

Follow us on our channels and get regular updates about our products and activities.


2023 Mai – BaseCampConnect

Interoperable and resilient communications are critical for responders, especially in emergencies and disaster situations.

Interoperable communication refers to the ability of different or diverse communication systems and technologies to communicate with each other and exchange information. This is also independent of the manufacturer or provider.

When different responders, such as firefighters, police, organizations, government agencies, and/or medical personnel, operate on different communication channels, interoperable communication systems can help transmit information quickly and effectively, significantly improving collaboration and coordination.

Resilient communications refer to the ability of communications systems to function reliably under difficult conditions such as natural disasters, power outages, or cyber-attacks. A decentralized design can contribute significantly to this. Resilient communications systems ensure that responders can communicate with each other even in difficult situations, which is crucial for their safety and effectiveness.

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2023 Mai – Maren Robotics

Vogt-CTE gives water rescuers across Europe a new and additional option to rescue people more safely from the water 

You may not always want or be able to see your rescue team in the water first. Reasons for this can be many and varied. Either they have no access to the water, it is rocky, has currents or it is stormy. That’s when you want to exhaust all other options first before sending rescuers into the water. In such situations, the Maren “Fasty” remote-controlled rescue buoy can give them that one crucial extra option

Maren “Fasty” can be easily deployed into the water and is ready for use within seconds. It can be thrown into the water from a height of up to 20 meters. With Maren “Fasty” you ultimately need less rescue equipment. It is therefore possible to distribute these valuable resources to several locations. Or to start the rescue even before all emergency forces have arrived.

“Maren Fasty fits perfectly into our product range. Like all our other products, it is an innovation. Like our other rescue solutions, Maren “Fasty” enables a shorter and therefore safer rescue. The product gives an additional option in rescue” So Jörg Schwenk, who is responsible for sales and marketing at Vogt-CTE.

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2023 March – Rigloo-Shelters

RIGLOO shelters protect victims and rescuers from the elements at the site of first treatment.

The RIGLOO shelter is used for emergency care at the scene of accidents, as protection in emergency situations, during extended field care, during search and rescue operations, in medical emergencies, during recoveries on the roadside, and much more.

In situations where on-site care takes longer or treatment and triage become difficult, the lightweight and quickly deployable RIGLOO shelters are valuable helpers. They shield patients and rescuers from unpredictable, adverse, and unnecessary influences. Thanks to the removable floor, the RIGLOO shelters can be easily placed over victims and rescuers without the need to move the victim. Setting up a RIGLOO shelter typically takes about a minute and requires no additional tools except for the provided air pump.

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2023 March – KUBE-Pompa

Vogt-CTE makes the innovative and universal KUBE water pump and motor pump available on the European market.

But what makes the pump so innovative? KUBE pumps work without a vacuum. An innovative propeller system delivers water to the pump unit within seconds. And because these pumps work without a vacuum, there is no need for a complex seal. The result of this technical development is ultra-fast pumping and maximum resistance to dirt.

Incorrect operation and incorrect design are among the most frequent causes of damage or delays in centrifugal pumps, accounting for 90 to 95 percent. These are often suction problems due to leakage, clogging due to solids, or even cavitation. All of these prevent quick operations and can make high-altitude pumping or distance pumping much more difficult or impossible.

These problems also often mean that the pump fails in service, or at least that some time elapses before that pump is ready for use again. Valuable resources are tied up and spare parts have to be procured

The unique KUBE pump system makes operations faster, safer and more resource efficient. You need fewer operators, who also need less intensive training. All in all, your people can concentrate on the far more important location of operation.

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