For me, end-to-end logistics and process-controlled production have always belonged together. Fortunately for me, supply chain management was “invented” in the 90s. After my basic technical training and years of experience in aerospace, Formula 1 and medical technology, I immersed myself in the world of business administration. Change management and process optimization became my hobbyhorse.

As a member and leader of the Swiss Civil Defense, I learned the processes and needs of our rescue forces. After more than 20 years of active militia service, I would like to put this experience and the best tools into the hands of our professional rescue forces with our company.

Marc Hersberger - The Supply Chain Crack at Vogt-CTE

Supply chain management includes the processes from purchasing to logistics, to production, to sales and finally the processes that ensure that our products reach our customers. Supply chain management is therefore where all the threads come together. My primary goal is to make these processes in our company so efficient and lean that our long-standing customers don’t feel a thing.

I make sure everything arrives on time

Thanks to our global logistics partners at home and abroad, we are able to deliver your ordered goods, accessories or spare parts within a few hours. Normally, there is rarely a hurry and we use the most cost-effective and efficient method of transport. Sustainability is a duty for us and not just a statement.

I care that my employees are successful

Without my team, we as a company would not be where we are today. The fact that our company is employee-led is undoubtedly an important factor. All our employees have a stake in the company and in its success. My philosophy is to provide my corporate partners with everything they need to operate successfully in the market. In this respect I am not their “boss”, but I work for my team every day.

We all put the success of our customers above our own and this makes us your strong partner. Steve Jobs once said, “People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” I believe that.

I am responsible for the new manufacturers

The name Vogt-CTE, and also my own name, stands for innovative, well thought-out and efficient solutions. We focus on a small, selected range of high quality products where the customer benefit and the added value (USP) for the user always comes first. Put us and our products to the test. You will not be disappointed.