The FL360 camera enables fast and safe visual inspection of cargo holds or empty spaces of trucks, ships, trains or airplanes, which may be used for unauthorized transportation of people or goods.


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FIRSTLOOK360 (FL360) is a hybrid rescue camera that uses two cameras and specially developed software to stitch together multiple live spherical streams to create a smooth imagery landscape that can be viewed, analyzed and edited on a mobile device (tablet or smartphone). In addition, the digital video images are transmitted in HD quality and are designed for wired or wireless transmission to an Android mobile device.

Another great advantage offered by this technology is that the images can also be subsequently evaluated in the entire 360-degree spectrum. Not only the respective image sections are evaluated, since the rescue camera stores the entire spherical image. Third parties, such as the rescue leader, can subsequently search freely through the entire 360-degree view, which greatly increases the chances of a successful search.

Some rescue cameras have moving parts to ensure all-round visibility during rescue operations. The sensitive parts enable classic zoom and focus functions. The challenge with devices with such moving parts during a search mission with unpredictable situations is that they can be damaged. The rescue operation is often aborted at this point if a rescue camera is damaged, unless a rescue camera is available as a replacement.

In addition, it is possible to contact or receive sounds from the patient or victim through an intercom system and the microphones and speakers built into the rescue camera. The ability to communicate with patients and victims is an essential and important element of modern rescue cameras.

It is not possible to establish a secure and stable wireless communication between the rescue camera and the tablet for every rescue operation. To ensure that the rescue operation can still be carried out successfully, it is also possible to operate the FIRSTLOOK360 rescue camera wired and thus establish a stable and interference-resistant connection with the search camera.

Our rescue cameras have the advantage that they can be pushed through the smallest cavities and transmit a very good and illuminated image to the screen due to the built-in LED lighting. LED lighting illuminates the environment 360 degrees and saves battery power accordingly compared to classic lighting, which increases the operating time of the rescue camera. LED lighting technology also saves weight, which facilitates the maneuverability of the rescue camera in rescue operations.

In addition, the FIRSTLOOK360 rescue camera can also be used in water and can be easily converted and prepared for longer rescue operations in water. Short missions in wet environments can also be performed with the standard rescue camera equipment without damaging the rescue camera’s microphones and speakers.

The modern and innovative design of the FIRSTLOOK360 rescue camera enables uninterrupted operation, even if the batteries need to be replaced (hot-swap capability). The rescue operation can be continued seamlessly. In addition, the rescue camera uses commercially available rechargeable batteries or batteries and no special products that are time-consuming or costly to procure.


The FL360 camera provides fast and safe visual inspection of cargo holds or empty spaces on trucks, ships, trains or aircraft that may be used for the unauthorized transport of people or goods.

The system requires minimal training and is self-contained, allowing a single operator to effectively and efficiently search hard-to-reach areas. The camera provides a 360-degree panoramic view of the entire space to ensure nothing is missed. In addition, the FL360 camera has its own user-controlled lighting and can record 360° all-around video for documentation.

All recordings and still images include time, date and GPS metadata so they can be used for training or evidentiary purposes. All video recordings include an audio track as standard.

FirstLook360 is the perfect portable inspection camera for police, customs and border patrol.

  • Firstlook360 shortens the time needed for inspection
  • Firstlook360 enables more inspections
  • Firstlook360 can view previously inaccessible areas
  • Firstlook360 increases the security of searchers
  • Firstlook360 reduces the personnel resources requirement
  • Firstlook360 causes less damage to the inspected object

Less inspection time means less loss of time and money for the companies whose movables and real estate are inspected.

  • By customs and border control authorities
  • By police & law enforcement agencies
  • During field operations and border patrols


During a rescue operation, you want to be able to rely on your equipment unconditionally. The rescue operation must not be jeopardized by complex technology or technology failures. This is especially true for search and rescue cameras.

Current economic conditions are forcing rescue institutions such as fire departments to rethink the way technical operations and rescue missions are conducted, as well as the resources and equipment needed for a successful outcome. The visual search and rescue equipment in use today has evolved only slightly since its introduction in the 1990s. Any rescuer experienced in technical search and rescue can easily point out the weaknesses of current visual search and rescue cameras: they are heavy, the mechanical hinge of the camera head is susceptible to damage, batteries die quickly, configurations are static, and the equipment is expensive to maintain.

Innovative and reliable technology can help increase rescue success in disasters such as earthquakes or building collapses by better and more clearly identifying victims and determining their location under the rubble. Of course, this requires a certain degree of innovative technology coupled with absolute reliability even under difficult and harsh conditions at the scene.

FIRSTLOOK360 reduces search time and provides a comprehensive multi-purpose tool that can be used in various technical rescue situations.


The FL360 rescue camera uses two cameras to create spherical search videos


The FL360 rescue camera has no moving parts that are susceptible to failure, limiting reliability

FL360Searchcamera – Rescuecamera – Inspectioncamera


The videos of the FL360 search cameras can also be searched in the whole 360 degree spectrum after recording


The FL360 search and rescue camera can be operated both wirelessly and wired