CARE-FLARE® from Vogt CTE – We supply warning lights, safety lights, for signalization as well as danger lights, and flashing lights for fire departments, disaster control, civil defense, police, ambulance, army, industry, and trade. CARE-FLARE® is a new and innovative LED safety light. It is characterized by very safe stability and quick readiness for use. The luminaire is available with different light colors and the different light intervals can be adjusted in the simplest way. Our CARE-FLARE® is an extremely robust safety product with low operating costs.


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The battery life is important because the decision should be yours when the use of your warning lights and safety lights is finished. CARE-FLARE relies on classic batteries because they guarantee a longer lighting time than commercially available rechargeable batteries. CARE-FLARE can be operated for 70+ hours without changing batteries.

CARE-FLARE was developed to withstand adverse influences at your place of use for many years. This sturdy construction additionally ensures a long service life. 5-year warranty, service support and high availability of spare parts ensure long and reliable operation of CARE-FLARE.

CARE-FLARE’s bright light output is visible from over 2000 meters away. The 360° visibility and 140° directional luminosity, together with the higher design, ensure maximum visibility for your emergency forces even on hilly roads.

CARE-FLARE is built to stand securely at the point of use. Even in adverse conditions such as storms, snow, water or pressure waves from vehicles, CAR-FLARE stands safely at the scene and continues to reliably warn of danger.

CARE-FLARE is the perfect solution to draw attention to a wide variety of dangerous situations and to warn in an effective, safe and user-friendly way. The intuitive operation works with a single button to set the various light modes safely and quickly.

CARE-FLARE’s warning lights and safety lights are designed to be put into use quickly and effectively. In this regard, the weight and dimensions of the LED safety lights play a key role for rescuers. The devices are light enough to be used for longer periods of time in the field and yet heavy enough to have a secure stand at the scene.

CARE-FLARE is built to reduce your costs. On the one hand, CARE-FLARE is built to be stable and durable, and on the other hand, it is suitable for many different purposes. Especially compared to consumables such as illuminated fakles, CARE-FLARE saves you valuable money.


CARE-FLARE® – Warning lights reinvented – Because every accident is one too many. It may not be entirely preventable, but as an employer you should do everything possible to protect your employees. This is especially true for high-risk tasks, such as a job site. The costs of good safety equipment are much lower than the follow-up costs after an incident.

CARE-FLARE® increases safety during rescue operations in traffic and on roads – CARE-FLARE® is an easy and quick to use portable LED rescue and emergency light with innovative technology specifically designed to meet the requirements of rescue workers and people who spend time and work in traffic every day. Whether you are in emergency services, military, aviation, road construction, truck driving, towing or construction, its simple and intuitive design allows for quick deployment in emergencies at a very low cost compared to non-reusable products.


In the rail, port and aviation environment as well as in mining.
Nothing has to have happened yet to warn actively. It can also be used as a preventive measure. In places where heavy equipment is used, appropriate precautions are particularly appropriate. For example, during track work, blocking or controlling travelers at train stations and airports, construction work on airfields or in shipping ports.

On the road by police, ambulance, fire department and rescue services
Warning lights are classically used by the police, fire department or ambulance services in public safety or even in disaster situations. In addition to use in accidents or road or lane closures, warning lights support traffic services, breakdown services, construction companies or traffic cadets in securing construction sites, detours or generally in marking hazards.

In agriculture and forestry
During harvest time, field paths are used by harvesters. Reason enough to keep walkers and cyclists at a distance. Drawing attention to this fact may well increase safety for all concerned. The same applies in the forestry and timber industry when logging is taking place in a certain area or when trees are in danger of falling after a storm. Especially after big storms or during a hunt, whole forest roads are closed. Here, appropriate warning lights can be of help.

More safety for the population – warning lights in the army
Securing of shooting ranges or firing positions, road closures or warning when heavy equipment is moved for pioneer operations. Securing maneuvers and exercises. Especially in the army, there are a multitude of situations that require appropriate signalization. The areas of application for solid and robust warning lights are especially given in the army.

Rescue and disaster operations, public safety
Rescue and disaster operations are the classic field of application for signalization and warning lights, as these scenes represent a corresponding danger for untrained persons. Appropriate warning equipment, which can also cope with the difficult conditions of a rescue or disaster operation, is indispensable. Warning equipment such as warning lamps should function just as reliably before, during or after a flood or after an earthquake as they do during a thunderstorm or in a snowstorm or, depending on the region, a sandstorm.

In-house in industry and trade
Even in professional working life, there are situations that require increased protection. For example, assembly work in a factory. Or a new machine that has just been delivered. No matter if in the building or in the yard of the company or on the whole factory site. There are enough situations where a warning light can be of good service. Also craftsmen and professionals, who are on assembly in other companies or carry out orders, can protect themselves additionally by such measures.

Logistics, transportation, bus drivers and professional drivers in general
Packet volumes are steadily increasing thanks to e-commerce. More and more deliveries are being made and more and more is being transported by truck. And it affects more and more inner city locations. And situations are not always safe or clear. Additional protection at locations where vehicles have to stand to handle goods or where heavy or large loads are moved is definitely recommended. It also makes sense for professional drivers to have a little more security and to carry an alternative in addition to the classic breakdown and warning triangle.

Events, trade fairs and crowd control
A well-designed warning light can help you direct the flow of visitors and provide signaling at events, functions and trade shows. Crowd control and crowd management are also an exciting option for property managers and companies involved in facility management to reduce risks and thus minimize follow-up costs from possible dangerous situations.