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For digital and analog disaster and emergency communications. Base-Camp-Connect is an easy and fast to use, portable and configurable communication center, which enables fire departments, police, ambulance or military to build up communication networks for disaster communication or networked rescue operations and data transfer.


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BASE-CAMP-CONNECT’s emergency communication solutions work with data communication as well as classic voice communication, bridging radio, telephony and IT networks and also enabling communication between these respective networks

BASE-CAMP-CONNECT emergency communications solutions require minimal training to install, connect and operate compared to similar systems. It can be put into operation within minutes, which is crucial during rapid operations

BASE-CAMP-CONNECT emergency communication solutions are designed for optimal interoperability. For example, up to 5 different radio systems can be interconnected in both unencrypted and encrypted mode without the need to manage keys

By integrating specialized components into emergency communications solutions, BASE-CAMP-CONNECT bridges the worlds of radio, telephony and IT by providing the means for seamless secure communications in an increasingly mobile communications world

A half-hour training session is all an operator needs to get up and running with BASE-CAMP-CONNECT emergency communications solutions. The systems are designed to be operated intuitively by anyone without formal training. There are also no complex on/off procedures required. Just plug in, turn on, and you’re up and running within 5 minutes

BASE-CAMP-CONNECT’s emergency communications solutions are compact. From the transport case to the portable 2-man system, they are designed to fit easily into the trucks and trailers of emergency services and, if necessary, into the trunk of a car

Different teams work with different equipment that they want to connect to the communications center. The BASE-CAMP-CONNECT emergency communication solutions are designed to easily integrate almost any equipment that Search & Rescue teams use

BASE-CAMP-CONNECT portable command centers can be deployed worldwide and cover the needs for local, regional, national and international and jointly coordinated operations


For digital and analog disaster communications and disaster communications – BASE-CAMP-CONNECT is an easy and quick to deploy, portable and configurable communications center that enables firefighters, police, paramedics or military to quickly establish communications networks during disasters and emergencies and support networked rescue operations thanks to voice communications and data communications.

BASE-CAMP-CONNECT is a Canadian company that provides tactical communications equipment for highly mobile teams operating in difficult conditions with unstable and unpredictable networks.

BASE-CAMP-CONNECT automates network connectivity and provides voice, data and radio interoperability. The communication unit operates without computers or complex training and comes in a portable carrying case. BASE-CAMP-CONNECT enables its customers to communicate with other responders while maintaining their communications sovereignty, even with encrypted systems.


  • Privately held Canadian communications systems manufacturer and integrator
  • Serves the defense, public safety and disaster response markets
  • Presence in the Americas, Europe and parts of Africa, Asia
  • Registered NATO supplier with NATO classified authority
  • Dedicated support and training team


  • Voice and data communication (encryption possible).
  • The simplest radio interoperability gateway for deployment
  • Standard and customized tactical kits
  • User-specific device/application integration
  • Training courses and service support
  • Strategic partnerships for specific equipment supplies
Base-Camp-Connect - Interoperability-Communication, Interoperability, Technicalrescue, Techrescue, Digitalrescue, Connectedrescue, Modernrescue, Crisis-Communication, Emergency-Communication, Conflict-Communication

BCC-Micro – Maximum ruggedness, portability and flexibility in the field

Designed to MIL standards, the BCC-Micro is a 5-port tactical voice bridge combined with a rugged integrated computer on which a software-based communications application is installed. For public safety applications, this allows users to bridge the radio interface using this application for advanced functionality. Furthermore, users can talk to any radio or brand of device from any device (cell phone, tablet or computer) through this software-based communication application.

Base-Camp-Connect - Risk-Communication, Riskcommunication, Riskcommunication, Crisiscommunication, Emergencycommunication, Conflictcommunication, Interoperability, Tactical-Communication, Tacticalcommunication

BCC-Mil – Unified inter-agency communication

The BCC-MIL is a customized communications system for interagency communications. Using Core Base-Camp-Connect technology that integrates voice, data and radio interoperability, additional features are added. For example, certified network switches can be easily retrofitted to connect local secured networks. Furthermore, additional devices can be connected to the BCC-MIL for added security. A good example is secure telephones that can be used to transmit classified information over commercial networks. 

Base-Camp-Connect - Interoperability-Communication, Interoperability, Technicalrescue, Techrescue, Digitalrescue, Connectedrescue, Modernrescue, Crisis-Communication, Emergency-Communication, Conflict-Communication

BCC-EM – Interoperable Communication Solution

BCC-EM, the original emergency communications solution is a scalable system for small to medium sized teams. With 4 to 50 users on the phone lines and 64 to 128 IP users in a single system, it covers a wide range of needs. The portable version is found in use by many Urban Search & Rescue (US&R) teams. For their needs, they use it as a deployable command unit suitable for both local and international operations. US&R teams have access to a range of communications networks.

Base-Camp-Connect - Interoperability-Communication, Interoperability, Technicalrescue, Techrescue, Digitalrescue, Connectedrescue, Modernrescue, Crisis-Communication, Emergency-Communication, Conflict-Communication

BCC-Lite – Rapid deployment kit for mission critical communications

Our smallest, full-featured kit for teams on the go. The BCC-LITE mission critical communications kit is designed for small teams of 2-10 people. With a low SWaP (size, weight and power), the rapidly deployable interoperability solution provides voice, data transmission and a radio gateway. Weighing only 16 kg (with internal battery option), the BCC-LITE is not only lightweight, but also autonomous for up to 2 hours. BCC-LITE can be used as a portable emergency unit as well as a tactical unit.