Power without control is useless. Even the highest technical values are of no use if it does not arrive and can not be used at the place of operation. The BLOWHARD High-Flow-Jet airflow management system smartly turns the already high performance values of BLOWHARD fans into an unbeatable helper in fire management.

Fulfills DIN 14963

BlowHard firefighting ventilators have been tested and comply with the new DIN 14963 standard for portable ventilation equipment.

Quickee – DIN14963-EM-A-1-1
Commando –DIN14963-EM-A-2-1


Battery life is important because the decision should be yours when to stop using it. Blowhard relies on integrated batteries as they promise lossless power transfer, longer runtime and longer life than is possible with replaceable batteries. The integrated technology allows, in addition to a temperature management of the batteries, the IP 67 standard (dustproof & waterproof) and is therefore also ideally suited for tough applications.

Power without control is useless. Even the highest technical values are of no use if it does not arrive and can not be used at the place of operation. The BLOWHARD High-Flow-Jet airflow management system smartly turns the already high performance values of BLOWHARD fans into an unbeatable helper in fire management.

The blowhard fan design allows you to continuously tilt the airflow up to 180 degrees. This freedom allows for a wide range of tactical settings and arrangements at the scene, giving you effective and safe PPV ventilation.

Blowhard devices are designed to be quickly and effectively put into action. In this regard, the weight and volume of the PPV fans play a key role for rescuers. The devices are light enough to be brought to the scene even by a single person.

Blowhard products are built for use in the harshest conditions on site. Despite the lightness of the devices, no compromises are made on the solid construction. The devices are suitable for many years of use in the harshest conditions.

The basis of a good fan is good performance values. Not only the battery, the motor and the electronics used are decisive, but also the flow design of the fan unit, such as the rotor blades and their number, as well as the design of the air grille and much more.

Every second counts at the scene of a fire. Both for the fire scene and for rescuers, as well as for the possible victims. Equipment that supports this rescue must therefore be ready for use quickly. The concentration should be on the operation and the tactics of the operation and not in setting up the equipment. Blowhard ventilators are built in such a way that anyone can set them up quickly at the scene of an emergency, even without explanation. No matter whether professional fire department or volunteer fire department.

Stand in place, start the positive pressure ventilator and give full attention to the scene. The operability of the equipment must not be a mystery. Electronic “gimmicks” are of little use, because the concentration should be on the operation and the operation tactics and not in the operation of the equipment. Even without technical training, the equipment must be easy to operate. Regardless of whether it is a professional fire department or a volunteer fire department.

Blowhard PPV positive pressure ventilators are designed for low operating costs. On the one hand, the units offer very high mechanical quality combined with very long service life even in tough applications. Spare parts availability and corresponding warranty plans further reduce operating costs. Components of the highest quality are installed, such as the most modern and reliable battery technology. So that rescuers do not experience any surprises.

PPV Airflow Management with BLOWHARD High-Flow Jet Technology!

The High-Flow-Jet technology developed by Blowhard is an optimized jet pressure in combination with a higher air entrainment capacity of the air flow. This enables a correspondingly higher air performance of the unit with lower power consumption at the same time. The advantages are obvious. More efficient ventilation of the fire scene, more economical use of resources with increased safety for your rescuers.

But what does entrainment mean?

The airflow is not only used to clear the source of the fire of smoke and gases for optimal visibility. Part of the airflow is used to seal at the air inlet, usually a door or window, to prevent ineffective ventilation and backflow. For this purpose, however, one does not want to use the air flow that the fan produces with an appropriate pressure, but the ambient air that the produced air flow entrains or carries along.

If this “entrainment” is well solved, it leads to a higher pressure inside the building, since the force of the air flow can be concentrated on this. Conventional fans with nozzle technology can sometimes build up more pressure, but often have only a limited area at the point of use that they can cover. Other conventional blowers with cone airflow can cover large areas, but have only a limited pressure that they can build up at the actual source of the fire.

BLOWHARD’s innovative High-Flow-Jet technology combines both and has been developed and continuously optimized for exactly these operations together with firefighters all over the world.

Relationship between air velocity, air volume and pressure

Traditionally, the CFM value (m3/h) is used as an indicator to determine the effectiveness and strength of a PPV fan, and often the values given are at zero pressure (AMCA). The CFM value (m3/h) is correct and important for making initial comparisons between different products. Nevertheless, it says too little about the effectiveness of the fan at the remote fire site.

The air velocity alone is also not a suitable comparative value, because excessively high velocities can cause turbulence and the application site is not ventilated effectively.

More decisive than air velocity or air volume is the optimal and targeted interaction of these two variables. This is the only way that the overpressure resulting from the air movement can be created at the site of operation during successful ventilation. It is the pressure that effectively pushes smoke and fumes out of the room and thus the danger zone. BLOWHARD fans with High-Flow Jet technology maximize this pressure in a building to achieve maximum ventilation success.

BLOWHARD High-Flow-Jet technology not only relies on pure power of the PPV fan, but relies on the smart use of available resources. Even if on paper the data is the same, the blowhard fans achieve a higher efficient in supporting and securing your mission team.

And the easiest way to find this out is a comparison test. We will be happy to provide you with an appropriate demo unit.

Built for the highest professional demands and requirements

  • Charging electronics – The built-in charging electronics allow short charging times on the vehicle and optimal care of the battery. This happens automatically when the BLOWHARD fan is connected to a mains socket and completely without additional and space-consuming external chargers.
  • Power Electronics – Integrated power electronics allow for maximum battery life through optimal temperature control, protecting batteries and extending their life.
  • Dual-Power – Blowhard fans can seamlessly switch between battery and mains power without interruption, requiring no replacement batteries and minimal attention during use.
  • Large Battery – Blowhard uses the largest possible batteries to avoid high peak loads and therefore temperature spikes during power output. This extends the life of the integrated batteries.
  • Fan design – Rotor and ventilation grille have been specifically designed for the task at hand. They guarantee maximum build-up of air volume and air pressure with minimum energy consumption.
  • High-Flow Jet – Blowhard airflow management combines the advantages of jet airflow with those of cone airflow. As a result, the units offer the user a range of applications with appropriate reserves.
  • Lightweight construction – The Blowhard device design was developed together with firefighters in the field and features extremely high load capacity combined with low weight and device volume.
  • Quick connectors – Blowhard is easy and quick to use. Powerful pot magnets allow quick attachment of accessories such as water rings or hoses.
  • Ergo-Fold – The airflow of a Blowhard unit can be smoothly and easily adjusted up to 180-degrees to provide a wide working area. This is accomplished in a simple, intuitive manner, even in inaccessible job sites.
  • Wheel set – Wheels and handles should not hinder the operation and should not take up space on the emergency vehicle. The wheel set for the BLOWHARD Commando can be folded away including the handle, thus saving important space for additional equipment.